About me


I’m a “Security Specialist” working for three6five, outsourced to one of the biggest ISP in South Africa, where I’m part of the Infrastructure Team, responsible for supporting about +- 160 physical firewalls (Fortigate) and +-1200 VDom. Our work is not limited to firewalls, but include DNS and Mailgateways.

In my time with the ISP, I’ve implemented Tacacs across all firewalls. Automated backups on them that runs 4 times a day and keep the last 30 days of backups. A simple asset systems that uses snmp to query and monitor them.

We are the 3rd level escalations and work with the vendors on new solutions.

Previous I was with Performanta Ltd as a “Security Analyst”, and Bytes SYSTEMS INTEGRATION as a “Senior Engineer – Security” specializing in Linux and Fortinet products,

My area of specialty is Linux and Fortinet.

I’m busy with my studies in Security.

In the area of Linux:

I’m a certified CLP (Certified Linux Professional)

  • I specialize in installation and maintenance of the Linux OS.
  • Configuration and maintenance of Web-servers (apache/php), DNS (bind and powerdns), mail (Zimbra), with some postfix/exim in between.
  • Configuration and maintenance of security on servers.
  • Configuration of “IPTables”.

This does not limit me to more areas of Linux.

In the area of Fortinet:

I’m Fortinet certified and have rolled out over 100 Fortigate Firewall in different configuration.

  • Planning and implementing Fortgate Firewall in cloud/mpls and client.
  • Configuration and maintenance of Fortigate appliances.
  • Reporting.

In the area of Microsoft:

  • Installation and maintenance of Microsoft Server – IIS.
  • Maintenance of Microsoft Exchange Servers.

I’m an all rounder and can do Networking (Cisco), Microsoft, VMWare, MailMarshal.

Working in converged area, you need to understand how to use, deploy and integrate different technologies to achieve the goal of the company and client.

I prefer Linux (Centos/Redhat/OpenSuse) above Microsoft. I enjoy working with Open-source products, but not limited.


I stay in South Africa, Gauteng, West-Rand.
I’m a private person after work, that enjoy my family time.
I like to relax with a hard-copy of a book or work in my garden.
I enjoy my playing with our family animals.