Getting iprope_in_check() errors when routing is configured correctly

I was working on a FG100D for a customer and had just finished configuring some extra routes, but no traffic was passing through the device.

Using the ‘diag debug flow‘ command I was seeing the below message:

id=36870 pri=emergency trace_id=8 msg=”iprope_in_check() check failed, drop”

This usually means a packets arrived where no forwarding or return routes exist, so the firewall drops it.

Knowing this I double checked the routes and routing table, and confirmed that everything was correct.

So having confirmed it’s configured correctly, the could only assume that the routing table hasn’t been refreshed when I added the new routes. This is something that’s done automatically on the firewall when a change is made to the routing table (ex: a route has been added/deleted, interface up/down etc) but for some reason wasn’t happening.

Using the below command I flushed the routing table and forced it to refresh:
diagnose firewall iprope flush
After that, the traffic is now routing correctly! 🙂