How to kill the dhcp daemon or any daemons on a fortigate appliance

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note: Fortinet TAC doesn’t like for you to know this cmd but it will not harm anything and has limited shell access.

The fnsysctl is a cli command that fortinet-TAC does not speak too much about. It allows for a single shell execution of limited unix executables ( ls, cat, ps, mount, more, grep, df, etc…). It can be a dangerous command for learning some of the inside working of a fortigate. And if your knowledge of linux/unix is strong like mine, you can find numerous & creative ways for using this command.

Okay to find and kill the dhcp process or any proc as far as that goes, you have to understand that most process create a “pid” ( process id ). You can use the diag sys top command to find the top process , but I have a few tricks that you can use to find the one process that ‘s of interest.

1: by using the “ps” command
2: uses the “ls” command against the /var/run directory
NOTE: the var/run directory typically holds the proc pid in the shape and fashion of ; /var/run/.pid
3: by issuing the “diag sys top 25 100” command
4: Once you found the pid file name, you can “cat” or “more” the file name of interest;
Okay, so now that you found the pid(s) that you want to kill.

How do you kill it ?

– Use the diag sys kill command or even use the fnsysctl command.
– So that’s how you kill a fortigate process using the cli . When ever you kill a process is great to recheck that the proc has restart and to monitor any logs entries.
– Doing this, can help ensure a 100% functional process and the daemon is working.



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